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Jule Grasz has always been in love with music - from her early childhood days.
Her first instrument was a harp – and she was 4 years old! She had played the harp, later keyboards, began to sing and to write lyrics and learned to play guitar a little.

Since 1995 Jule Grasz is making music intensive and passionate, mostly it were guitar pop, rock- and acoustic songs.

At 1995 she started composing with her good friend Ralf Ray Meissner. They had 2 key boards (Korg M1 and Roland W30), an old Atari and the sequencer program Notator and very much creativity.

With Mikle Maass, a great guitarist and composer, she started somewhat later an intensive musical co-operation, which exists until today.
The first song she recorded was in the Studio of Pink World Records, together with Ralf Ray Meissner in 1997. But it was never published.

To produce her own music as a solo artist she started in the year 2000. Her song “Alien” was released 2005 on a compilation CD named “Gebuehrenhits´05” produced from students in Leipzig (Label HoerZeichen) with
songs from some other students. This was her first little CD-release.

In December 2006 Jule Grasz began to compose electronic music.

Her first Chill out album „Sun and Moon“ was published on Blue Pie in Sydney.

With Mikle Maaß and Hanz S. from Lueneburg she started 2007 a new project named „Solarmounts“. It's Chill out and Ambient music, with spacey guitars and vocals.
As well the first album of the Solarmounts „Stereochromatic“ could under-slip with Blue Pie.

Two tracks of Jule Grasz electro- album „Freitanz“ appeared in expenditure for September and November 2008 in the Synthesizer magazine on the supplement CD.

In October 2009 she released her first techhouse EP "Clockwork" on Faxside

She releases Techhouse/ Techno tracks on Starcake Records, Deepcontrol Records, 040 Recordings, Decksharks Records and Faxside Records, there are more labels to come.

Jule Grasz is a member of the Beats & pieces family and has released her
ambient album "Earth feelings“ in May 2012! --> click here!

Stay tuned for more releases coming soon!

Jule Grasz is performing her music live. She has done her live- electronic debut in Lueneburg in October 2009.
Since then she has played at many parties and clubs. More bookings welcome!

Now she releases her newest ambient album on blue tunes chillout! It comes at February 11th 2016 in well sortet download shops! --> click here!

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